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Veggie, Salmon, Rice

Although, I'd often choose a Panera Bread or some other healthier alternative restaurant in the states when I wasn't in the mood to cook, since we've been living in Maun, cooking a home meal has been a nearly daily occurence.

So, we've tapped into flirting with different spices, preparation and cooking methods, and cooking new or our favorite meals we'd cook in Chicago.

For lunch/dinner yesterday (since a sis gots plenty of manuscript editing to do, emails to write, and planning a teaching session for my students tomorrow), you can find the ingredients to the meal in the video-- I'll summarize below.

So, in short-- I chopped a couple of green peppers and onions in fourths, added garlic, and a few spashes of omega canola oil into a pan and sauteed it all for about 10 mins on medium.

Once I could tell that the veggies were crunchy but soft enough, I added a can of flavored tomatoes and continued to cook for about...6 more minutes. I added a masala spice mix, powdered lemon and paprika.

The biryani rice (preseasoned) was already cooking at the time, so I let it simmer for another 10 minutes until the liquid water turned into steam.

The sliced chunks of potatoes cooked a bit longer until they were completely done. I drained the water, added low fat butter, salt, and pepper and smashed them with a spoon (not willing to purchase a potatoe smasher for some reason).

I sauteed the frozen veggies in omega canola oil, and added a few dashes of salt, pepper and actually, no sugar! In the video I mentioned I'd add sugar but, I forgot to add it.

The salmon marinaded in lime juice, 1/4 cup of boiled water and seasonings for an hour while all the other foods cooked.

I sauteed the salmon in a pan on medium-low and flipped the pieces maybe twice.

The meal was absolutely delicious. Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures because I literally ate the meal from the storage containers each food was placed in. I mean, picture yourself standing in your kitcheN with a spoon, eating spoonfuls of each food you just cooked. That was me. A gobbler of sort.

This meal has mostly lasted two days, except the salmon. The little pieces in the package is not nearly enough to salvage for more than day. It's quite a delicious fish to eat-- smoked and spiced with a hit of lime and other seasonings, and it had a powerful savory taste.

Meal rating: 8.5/10.

I'd give it a 10 but, the biryani rice is somewhat lacking in flavor. The next time I cook it, I will add a few ingredients to spice it up.

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