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Veggie, Salmon, Rice

Although, I'd often choose a Panera Bread or some other healthier alternative restaurant in the states when I wasn't in the mood to cook, since we've been living in Maun, cooking a home meal has been a nearly daily occurence.

So, we've tapped into flirting with different spices, preparation and cooking methods, and cooking new or our favorite meals we'd cook in Chicago.

For lunch/dinner yesterday (since a sis gots plenty of manuscript editing to do, emails to write, and planning a teaching session for my students tomorrow), you can find the ingredients to the meal in the video-- I'll summarize below.

So, in short-- I chopped a couple of green peppers and onions in fourths, added garlic, and a few spashes of omega canola oil into a pan and sauteed it all for about 10 mins on medium.

Once I could tell that the veggies were crunchy but soft enough, I added a can of flavored tomatoes and continued to cook for about...6 more minutes. I added a masala spice mix, powdered lemon and paprika.

The biryani rice (preseasoned) was already cooking at the time, so I let it simmer for another 10 minutes until the liquid water turned into steam.

The sliced chunks of potatoes cooked a bit longer until they were completely done. I drained the water, added low fat butter, salt, and pepper and smashed them with a spoon (not willing to purchase a potatoe smasher for some reason).

I sauteed the frozen veggies in omega canola oil, and added a few dashes of salt, pepper and actually, no sugar! In the video I mentioned I'd add sugar but, I forgot to add it.

The salmon marinaded in lime juice, 1/4 cup of boiled water and seasonings for an hour while all the other foods cooked.

I sauteed the salmon in a pan on medium-low and flipped the pieces maybe twice.