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Maun Senior Students, Sing


a human activity encompassed by all ethnicities, across cultures, and even geographic barriers. It might be visual arts, crafts, or enunciated melodic tonal shifts, or the soothing harmonious vibrations that greet and awake our inner beings when we have paused -- our bodies and minds are thrusted within the present, gulping every moment singing allows us to absorb.

Every Friday at Maun Senior, a general assembly commences, and the arena is filled with joyful song, inspirational announcements, and motivational speeches from staff, faculty and/or students.

When faculty and students began singing together at this Friday's assembly, it gave me an impression about the importance of art utilization in social gatherings. The singing felt like a type of anchoring to all of the things-- the self, others, history, culture, custome, a sense of belonging, a sense of loyalty, and a sense of togethered movement towards a specific place.

That place might be a target all people wish to succumb to, and its feeling for each individual is unique and unifying.

I hope my next recording is a more clearer capture of the entire moment. I hope I'll be able to also find out the name of the song, the lyrics, and what the lyrics mean to share with all of you.

Until then, I hope you enjoy the video clip as much I did witnessing, and experiencing the harmonious song waves vibrating in the space.

Video of Maun Senior Secondary School staff, faculty, and students sing a joyful and uplifting song during their every Friday morning general assembly session. March 17, 2023. Maun, Botswana. Video by, (Mmapula) Norbaya Jameela Durr.

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