The Kava Kava Chillout invites you to a meditational state of being. It promotes mind & body relaxation, calm and vibrational energy & an overall feeling of positivity. Unwind your day or evening with the Kava Kava Chillout and enjoy yourself.

The Kava Kava Chillout 750 ml

SKU: Kav002
  • Bottle: Screw-top Flint-Fit bottles. Clear. Recylable.

    Quantity: 750/25.36 fl oz

    Ingredients: Kava kava (Piper methysticum) hydrosol, Griffonia simplicifolia HTP (400mg), spring water, natural flavor pectin, lemon concentrate, 100% black cherry, 100% vegetable glycern, hops (Humulus lupulus), 100% Grade A. Honey, some sugar. 


    Additional: can be used as a substitute or alternative to alcohol beverages. Does not cause intoxication or blackouts. No ethanol is used in this product. Product is not made through fermen