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Summer Youth Poetry Contest Winners

First Place Winner: ASHA LEWIS, 11

"Why Can't I Be Taller?"


Everyday I think about why I’m so different from the others?

Why can't I be taller? 

Sometimes I dream about being a tall big bush 

but it never happens.

Why can’t I be taller?

I get my soil and water regularly and I get enough sunlight, but...

Why, why can’t I be taller? 

Others say I have to wait, 

but I say “Why wait, I can’t BE taller!"

One day I just give up, 

give up trying to be someone else I am not,

but still wonder, "Why can’t I be taller?"


Days pass, then weeks, then months, then years. 

Then one day I look at myself and realize,

“I was never going to be as big as a bush, 

but I was always going to be as tall as a tree."

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