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Herbal Action Properties

Herbs contain various, natural chemical properties that function in the body in specific ways. Herbal actions inform the herbalist on which herbs to choose in a treatment, as a preventative and for wellness maintenance. Use herbal actions as guides to understand the potential effects certain herbs may impact you internally, as something you consume and apply externally on your body.

Herbal Tea


Aids nutrient assimilation, waste removal and proper functioning. Aids blood circulation.

Health Juices

Anti-microbial/ bacterial

Promotes a stronger and healthier immune system by suppressing and reducing pathogenic micro-organisms.

Mulled Wine with Fruit


Aids digestive system by promoting a very mild bowel movement - often used to clear constipation.


Revivify, Pomegranate Kuma, The Cool Mellow

The Cool Mellow, Revivify, Pomegranate Kuma

Revivify, Pomegranate Kuma

Herb Plants


Aids the production of normal digestive juices and stimulates organ systems. Bitters may also aid a healthy mental state.

Kava Kava Chillout, Revivify

Yellow Tea


Typically very aromatic herbs that are sweet or spicy will initiate peristalsis and cause flatulence to soothe the stomach and the digestive tract

Revivify, Pomegranate Kuma

Colorful Food


Mucilaginous herbs that help soothe tissues, relax  and protect them from inflammation and dryness. 

The Cool Mellow

Fresh Beetroots


Loosens stool and aids bowel movements. May also aid movement through the alimentary canal

Revivify, Pomegranate Kuma

Trowel and Soil


Relaxes, stimulates or has a tonic-effect upon the nervous system

Sedative: Reduces stress and nervous irritation by relaxing and calming the nervous system

The Cool Mellow, Kava Kava Chillout

Cloudy Day


Immune stimulants stimulate the immune system to respond to an infection


Stimulants: warms, increases blood circulation and breaks down mucous build-up and congestion. They stimulate bodily organs.

The Cool Mellow, Revivify, Pomegranate Kuma

Bowl of Berries


Stimulate nutrition by improving assimilation, which aids in whole-body increased vitality and strengthened tissues

Revivify, Pomegranate Kuma, The Cool Mellow

Tropical Storm


Expands blood vessels to promote a balanced or increased blood circulation

Revivify, Pomegranate Kuma

Soap and Herbs


Helps the body heal external wounds and can be applied as a fomentation, a powder, poultice and liquid droplets.

The Cool Mellow, Revivify, Pomegranate Kuma, Kava Kava Chillout

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